Experienced Personal Consulting

Whether at your desk or on a walk with friends or alone at home communications with God take place!

Helping you design success!

What We Do

All About You

Even though your are just one in 7 trillion on this plant you are special and we plan to prove it.  So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the most thrilling journey of your ife!

Our montors

Whether you're just starting out or  a seasoned creative individual who likes to explore  new things, we've got you covered. Our mission is  to help you learn how to discover and experience  God's presence any where and every where.   It does not need to be scary or spooky, but it does calls for courage, with a capitol C.   But we are here to get you some courage.

Our Age Range

We're  young, I mean real young, like 12.  And we are old, I mean really old, like 93.  So, what ever you want  to explore, we've probably been there and done that.  As your mentors we are seasoned, and we are still filled at enchantment and wonder and grandeur at God's gentleness, patience,  well as his awesome   power and variety.